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Your Wetstock
Could Be Costing You More than You Think

Trust DFS to help with your Wetstock Management
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Wetstock management can easily help fuel business owners mitigate risk with real-time visibility and insightsbecause when it comes to selling fuel, every penny counts. With tight margins, instances of fuel loss can significantly impact profits, the longer they are left unnoticed.

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Our expert monitoring services are designed to help you lower operational costs and improve profit margins, while offering regulatory and environmental protection to keep you legally compliant and give you peace of mind.


We monitor millions of gallons/liters of fuel every day, for independent dealers, hypermarket chains, and multi-national oil companies across the globe.

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Why Choose DFS Wetstock Management?

Over 30,000 Sites

on Contracts

Over 3 Decades

of Experience

#1 Global


Protects Over

100,000 Tanks

Monitors Sites

in Over

50 Countries

Over 100 Dedicated Wetstock Analysts Around the World

75 Billion

Litres Analysed Each Year

2.5+ Million Deliveries Verified Per Year

What's Included in DFS Wetstock Management?

Legacy Wetstock Management
End-to-End Wetstock Management from DFS DX
Fuel Inventory Management
Underground Leak Detection Monitoring Alerts, Alarms & Notifications
Dispenser Monitoring
Blend Monitoring
Virutal Tank Clibration
AI-Driven Data Accuracy
Enterprise-Wide View of Fuel Inventory
Workflow Recommendations for Investigating and Mitigating Loss
Analyst Support


Fairbanks analysis identified increased sales compared to the tanks usual performance. ibank assisted in allowing us to look at the hourly and individual transaction data, which showed large consist amounts, and which was unusual for that tank. The customer was notified that credit card fraud had been identified.



The Evolution of Wetstock Management: Rejecting the Status Quo is the Pathway to Improved Risk Management

How skillfully fuel retailers manage their wetstock over the next 10 years will be a defining benchmark for whether their retail operation grows or is forced to leave the marketplace.

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