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Inventory Losses

Most retail and commercial fuel sites — even most sites currently using a form of wetstock management — don’t have an accurate, holistic view of fuel inventory from the time the fuel is loaded at the terminal to the moment it is dispensed at the pump.

Financial Risks

The Financial Risks Associated with Fuel Loss

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3,000 Liters

(793 Gallons)

of fuel could be saved annually through a modest 0.1% reduction in fuel loss at a typical retail site.


is the average cost to cleanup a leak*

*Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

*30 Liters

of fuel sales is needed to make up for 1 liter of fuel loss.

*Up to 30 Liters



DFS Has Identified more than               60 Fueling System Conditions or Events               That Are Potential Causes of Fuel Loss

Understanding the Deception

of Perceived Fuel Loss vs Actual Fuel Loss

Perceived Fuel Loss

‘Perceived’ losses are caused by events which may look like a tank is losing fuel, when it actually is not. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as mistakes in record keeping, poorly calibrated tank gauges and or poor dipstick readings.

Actual Fuel Loss

‘Actual’ losses are real instances of fuel loss, which can occur due to faults with equipment, theft or fraud incidents, or natural causes such as temperature changes and evaporation, to name only a few. The most concerning actual losses are, of course, fuel leaks that lead to environmental damage, as well as potentially severe financial implications for the fuel retailer.

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Site Compliance Audits: Your Next Move Counts

We’re here to keep your standards high and your forecourt running smoothly. And our field technicians are here to deliver that service to you, right on-site.

Some potential causes of fuel loss are actually false flags,

and pinpointing the exact source of a fuel loss can be extremely difficult.

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