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Higher Operational Expenses

Without an end-to-end wetstock management solution guiding fuel loss verifications and corrective actions, fueling operations risk increasing the amount of fuel they lose per incident, extending equipment downtime and wasting labor resources.

Wetstock Management

In Wetstock Management

Every Drop and Second Counts


Identify fuel loss and/or operational issues quickly: drive actionable business insights that quickly lead to savings and increased profits for the fuel retailer.


What if you were able to verify a theft was occurring as it was happening and quickly to engage law enforcement?


Fuel site operators need enhanced loss analysis with workflow guidance to efficiently and effectively investigate and address fuel losses. 

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When an unusual fuel loss is detected in legacy wetstock systems, it can trigger an inefficient investigation process characterized by a lot of guesswork.

On average, involving 8 people in a loss investigation.

Without an advanced wetstock management solution in place, the end to end process from identifying a variance to finding out what caused it can take up to 20 days, and even then over 20% of these investigations fail to identify what the issue is.

Construction site
Civil Engineer at the construction site
Manager at Construction Site

Maintain Compliance, Minimize Asset Downtime

DFS Compliance Manager and DFS Asset Manager (DFS CAM) has been developed specifically to help you optimize your compliance and asset management.

With a robust variety of complete solutions to meet your entire site management needs, DFS is here to stop those financial waves from breaking.


Don’t Let Fuel Loss or Compliance Issues

Cost You Your Business: Easily Mitigate Risk with Real-Time Visibility and Insights

When fuel prices skyrocket, volumes drop and revenue decreases.

This causes a fuel loss to have a greater impact on operational performance. 

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